Academic & Student Counseling

Academic Counseling / Student Counseling

Are you a student struggling with adjusting to the demands of college life or graduate school? Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about meeting with academic expectations? Worried about poor academic performance? Concerned with loss of motivation or difficulty concentrating/focusing upon your goals? Troubled by changed relationships and identity concerns?

College life can be very overwhelming and stressful for most students. Balancing the student role with other personal and professional roles is an especially difficult task for graduate school students. While the student role offers tremendous opportunities, students often need support in maximizing those to reach their potential. Academic Counseling can offer invaluable support to students. Research shows that Counseling significantly improves Academic Performance for most students.

I provide confidential Academic Counseling for college and graduate students for

- Improving academic performance
- Increasing Motivation
- Performance Anxiety
- Anxiety about graduation/future
- Managing Stress
- Decision-making issues
- Time Management
- Identity issues & Self-discovery
- Self-esteem
- Romantic/family relationships
- Managing difficult feelings