I am an “Out-of-Network” Provider. This means that you are responsible for full payment of Counseling fees at the start of each Counseling session. I will assist you in seeking Out-of-Network reimbursement benefits for your Counseling sessions from your insurance company. I may also help you check your benefits before your first Counseling session, so you know what to expect.

The cost of Out-of-Network Counseling services is often similar to, what it would be for In-Network Counseling services. Sometimes the Out-of-Network Counseling cost is higher, however people who have used Out-of-Network Counseling services generally report that the slightly higher cost of Out-of-Network Counseling services is well worth it. If you decide to seek reimbursement of Counseling fees from your managed-care/health-insurance company, it is your responsibility to obtain pre-authorization for “Out-of-Network” Counseling Benefits (if required) and to submit claims for reimbursement of Counseling fees directly to the managed-care/health-insurance company. You will be reimbursed for the Counseling session fees by the insurance usually between 3 to 4 weeks.

If your insurance plan has no psychologists/therapists providing culturally competent counseling for South-East Asian population or has no psychologists/therapists providing counseling in Hindi/Urdu or Marathi, in their network or in your geographical area, then they will pay for my services via the Single-Case Agreement.

A single case agreement is a contract between an individual patient’s insurance company and treatment provider, which allows that patient to be treated as though he or she has in-network benefits. Insurance providers who offer single-case contracts will review potential agreements on a by-patient basis. It’s important to note that the agreement is specific to the current episode of care and does not apply to care outside of this treatment episode.