Rekindle Love & Intimacy!

Rekindle Love, Passion & Intimacy (Imago Connects) : A Couples / Marriage Enrichment Workshop

Welcome to an experience of growth, discovery and fun for couples!

Based on the international bestseller “Getting the Love You Want” series and “Imago Relationship” approach created by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelley Hunt that has richly contributed to millions of relationships and marriages in the US and worldwide over the last 40 years, this weekend experience is for couples in many different stages of relationship:

– You have a good relationship and want to further enrich your relationship
– You long to re-experience the “spark” at the beginning of your relationship.
– You are having frequent conflicts that are resulting in increased negativity
– You are questioning your relationship and/or doubting if you are with the right person
– You feel unloved, hurt, lonely and disillusionment about your partner/relationship

This workshop involves an integration of latest research from neuroscience, psychology and spirituality to teach you how to create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationship with your partner/spouse. Through exercises that you share with partner, you would explore some of your emotional history, learn how your history influences the reason you chose your partner, gain a better understanding of your differences and as to how to transform them into opportunities that deepen your relationship and foster self-growth.

What You Will Learn:

– Using the “Imago dialogue” and its’ healing power of listening, empathy, and validation for safe communication and connection;
– How to recognize the different ways men and women experience and express love and how to keep these differences from being barriers to intimacy;
– Learning attachment theory, brain science, mind/body practice and Imago theory to understand couplehood and the deeper source of your hurt/ disagreements;
– Transform your hurt and disagreements into opportunities to deepen your love!

We are excited about offering you this opportunity and hope you will join us for this experience of discovery, growth and fun for couples!

About the facilitators

As a husband-wife facilitator team who have been married for more than 10 years, we place a special emphasis on speaking the language of both men and women. We both have personally benefited tremendously as a result of participating in relationship workshops of this kind and have experienced a transformation in our marriage! This is what led us to seek Imago Relationship Training to help other couples in their relationship journey. We both are passionate about helping couples discover a new realm of possibilities in their relationship with each other and to live a joyful life full of passion and purpose!

Workshop Format

· Short lectures
· Individual reflection and written work
· Live demonstrations of communication skills and processes
· Time to practice new behaviors and skills with your partner in a safe, comfortable and confidential manner.

These workshops are kept small to create a safe and relaxed environment. Except for a brief introduction and closing, participants will not be required to share anything with the group unless they choose to do so.


This is a small group experience for 2-4 couples only. Early registration assures attendance. To register, contact us at 650-224-1731. Arrange your plans to attend the entire workshop.

To learn more about Imago Relationship International and receive free relationship resources, please visit:

We wish you well on your journey to discover the sense of love!