Through Conflict to Connection

This 3 part educational seminar offers a glimpse of the Imago process that helps couples deepen their relationship by exploring the phenomenon of conflict. Even the best relationships have conflict. And conflict offers an opportunity for repair, healing and growth!

During the seminar participants complete written exercises and watch segments of a DVD showing real couples being guided through conflict to connection with each other. These exercises are specifically designed to introduce couples to a new process for understanding and deepening intimate relationships. Couples will gain new insights into the deeper nature of conflicts and into the healing opportunities hidden within conflicts.

Insights from these exercises may be shared with the group according to each couple’s comfort level. Sharing these experiences will enhance both the couple’s and the group’s learning. Although couples are encouraged to share, it is not meant to be a therapy group.

The goal is to teach Imago Relationship Therapy’s theoretical perspective on primary relationships. The Imago approach to relationships helps to clarify what happens as we fall in and out of love and provides a deeper understanding of the nature of conflict in couples.

This is a small group experience for 2-4 couples only. To register, contact Dr. Meghana Tembe at 650-224-1731.