Hold Me Tight!

Welcome to a Relationship Enhancement experience of Discovery, Growth and Fun!

Hold me tight relationship enhancement group/workshop focuses on helping couples understand why they have conflict in relationships and how to bring about healing and deepen their emotional connection with each other!
We will guide you and your partner through seven private conversations to create a secure and lasting bond. We will show you video samples of real couples engaging in each of these conversations, and then you will have the opportunity to try it on your own with the assistance and support of the co-facilitators.

The Hold Me Tight program was developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, based on her book, “Hold me Tight” and her extensively researched and highly successful approach to couples therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). It brings you the cutting-edge science of love, relationships and attachments!

For whom:
This relationship enhancement group is for couples in many different stages of relationship:

    – You have a good relationship and want to further enrich your relationship
    – You long to re-experience the “spark” at the beginning of your relationship.
    – You are feeling trapped by a repetitive cycle of conflicts and arguments
    – You are questioning your relationship and/or doubting if you are with the right person

What You Will Learn:

    – Affirm strengths in your relationship
    – Address negative interaction patterns
    – Understand more clearly each other’s emotions
    – Recognize underlying reasons for your conflicts
    – Learn how to repair and forgive
    – Enhance your emotional and physical closeness
    – Deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner
    – Increase your wellbeing, joy and intimacy

Workshop Format:

This is a 16 hour workshop offered over a weekend or offered as an 8 session group over 8 weeks. The format includes short lectures, video clips of real couples and time to practice new behaviors and skills with your partner in a safe, comfortable and confidential manner.
These groups/workshops are kept small to create a safe and relaxed environment.


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