Cultural Counseling

Parenting Issues / Intergenerational Conflict & Cultural Counseling

Are you a cultural minority or an immigrant struggling with adapting to this culture? Are you a teenager or young adult torn between different cultural expectations? Are you a parent experiencing relationship difficulties with your first generation children?

My Asian-Indian background, personal and professional experiences with acculturation help me relate with you. Cultural counseling is one of my specialties and I am committed to helping individuals deal with culture-shock related issues and intergenerational conflict related issues manifesting as

- identity crises
- dysfunctional family relationships
- lowered academic/career performance
- acting out behavior (drug/alcohol use, sexual indulgence etc)
- depression and anxiety

When the social/cultural environment in which children are raised is completely different from the one their parents grew up with, it creates unique intergenerational challenges. Each side has a different perspective. If communication within the family fails, the parents and children cannot talk to, listen to, and understand each other. Common issues around which intergenerational conflict arises include disagreement/disapproval about decisions regarding career, dating/marriage, living arrangements, religious observances, respect for cultural beliefs etc.

Counseling will significantly improve communication, understanding and trust between family members enabling both the generations to build better family relationships. In the process of Counseling, I can empower both parents and their children to build the requisite skills to deal with their concerns and to work together in solving their problems. I enjoy supporting first-generation youth in navigating the difficult task of taking the best from both their parent’s culture and the American culture (their peer culture) to build a successful and enriched life!