Individual Counseling

Is something preventing you from receiving fulfillment in your relationships, academics or work? Feel stuck and unable to guide yourself in a meaningful way? Are demands of being a student or working professional overwhelming you? Are you a teenager or young adult torn between different cultural expectations? Counseling will empower you to create a successful and fulfilling life. Together we can accomplish your goals; enriched relationships, academic excellence or a rewarding career.

I provide confidential brief Counseling and open-ended psychotherapy for aspects like:

- College Adjustment
- Academic/Career difficulties
- Working Professional’s Issues
- Decision-making
- Stress-Management
- Self-Esteem & Empowerment
- Women’s Issues
- Managing emotions
- Depression
- Anxiety or Fears
- Self-injury
- Chronic Pain or Illness
- Separation & Divorce
- Abuse/Trauma
- Loss or Grief
- Mid-Life Transition
- Family & Interpersonal conflict
- Parenting Issues
- Cultural issues/Cultural Counseling
- Romantic Relationship/Marriage Counseling

Not sure about Counseling? Maybe this is your first time seeking Counseling. Or, Counseling is foreign to you, and naturally you are unsure or uncomfortable. I completely understand. I will help you feel comfortable with the process involved in counseling. If you are confused about what you want, I can assist you in uncovering and clarifying your needs and desires. It is worth trying!